Welcome to one of the best café’s in the state – The Sad Café! Here you can come with your friends and listen to some of the greatest bands, or you can just come by with your kids and family for a dose of fun and knowledge about art and music. Our doors are open for everyone.

What makes The Sad Café so special?


The main thing at our café is to have a relaxed atmosphere and make it a place which is suitable for family gatherings.


Having that on our mind, we are paying attention that the café’s interior is always safe and clean for its guests.


There is no smoking inside of the café and we don’t sell alcohol. Instead, you can enjoy in juice drinks, coffee, hot dogs, candy and other assorted snacks.

Community Programs

We really care about our community, which is why we organize some helpful happenings.

Raising money for schools

Schools are the most important buildings in the life of kids and we want to make a donation to the local schools around us. We think that kids deserve to get only the best education they possibly can.

Spread awareness on drug abuse

Drug abuse is a huge problem everywhere, but we can do something about it. Spreading awareness on substance abuse and its negative effects is something we take great pride in doing. We want to make a difference.



By shopping items from this site, up to 25% of your purchase goes to charity.

After School Programs 

The Sad Café is very pleased that your child is considering participating in our After School Programs. We are happy to represent you some of the conveniences for your little ones.

Musical Theater

Broadway bound? Highly trained instructor Amy Mooers leads the way in a hands-on course in theater. Students will learn and hone the three musical theater skills of acting, singing, and stage dancing as well as staging, costuming, and other technical skills.

Making A Band

For those of you whose children are in love with rock music and has a huge desire to perform just like its favorite musician, this is an opportunity to make its dreams come true. Musician/sound technician Allen Pomroy instructs these beginner and supplementary courses designed to teach a student how to play a “rock” instrument at a basic level.