The Sad Cafe Wall of Fame

Our cafe is well known for being the place where a lot of famous bands were having live concerts. We are very proud on the fact that we can say that some of the biggest names of rock scene have performed their awesome songs on our stage. Or mission is to invite famous bands to the Sad Cafe and have our guests entertained every week. We are known as a place that never disappoints and we won’t stop now. The Sad Cafe is full of fun surprises and we guarantee you that there will be a lot more of it.


Back in 2010 we had an opportunity to have one of the best alternative rock bands as our guests. You are probably guessing that the band’s name is Hoobastank. These guys really know how to make a party. An interest for this event was huge and all of the sudden more than a 500 people came at the Sad Cafe. The atmosphere was great, everybody were having fun. That was one of the firs concerts that made our cafe famous in the city. From that moment our business has been blooming and we now have customers from all around the world.


The second big event happened on a warm Summer night in 2014. We were having the band Incite performing at our cafe. The singer in the band is Richie Cvallera, who is a nephew of the famous metal singer Max Cavallera. The band even toured the world with Soulfly, where Max sings. They are known for having a really hard sound and super fun and explosive shows. You can imagine how many people came to the Sad Cafe that night. That was one of our favorite nights since we started this journey. The atmosphere was better than we expected. These cool guys played for 4 hours, our guests just didn’t let them go off the stage. They even took pictures with their fans and we got a lot of positive comments from the band and the people who came here to see them. That was truly an unforgettable experience for us. We are hoping to see you join us.