How to play a “rock” instrument at a basic level

If you are a fan of a good rock sound and you can’t stop your legs from dancing after hearing the first riff, you probably have a desire to play electric guitar like that awesome guy from your favorite band. Playing a guitar can be easy for some, but you will need to practice every day if you want to see good results fast. If you are truly determined not to quit after first week of learning, here are some useful tips for beginners.

Choose a right guitar

First of all, you have to decide if you are a “rock” or a “metal” person. There are different guitar types for these two genres. Your first guitar shouldn’t be expensive, but remember that the better guitar makes the better sound so it is of course more fun to play it and learn on it.

Rock guitar

The Squier model by Fender or an entry level Epiphone by Gibson are good for beginners and they are budget friendly.

Metal guitar

Some of the great brands are Jackson, DBZ, Ibanez, B. C. Rich and Dean. if you are a fan of that old school sound, Fender and Gibson clones are also pretty good for metal.

You must have an amplifier

For a beginner you should by a smaller one, no more than 30 watts for practice. You choose one of two amps – Tube and Solid-state.

Tube amplifiers and mostly used by professional rock players, and the big number of metal musicians use it too. But unfortunately, if you are a beginner, this amp wouldn’t be a right choice for you. They are way more expensive than a Solid-state amp and they are fragile and costly to repair.

On the other hand, Solid-state amplifiers are much cheaper and they are perfect for beginners. They sound a bit harsh, but it’s a lot easier to practice on them.

Learn to understand tablature

Tablature is a system of numbers which represent positions on the fretboard. The last string is the one closest to your chin when you play and the first one is the one closest to your feet.

Try to learn from easy video tutorials on the internet and also try to find the tablature of that same song. It is important for you to see the full picture of how the sound is made. After a while you will start to understand how it works and realize that is not that hard.